Three months...thirty three states...100+ store visits. Follow the journey as the NuCanoe Frontier makes its way around the country.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Through the Red River Valley

Monday morning we left Fort Smith, AR en route to Beaver's Bend Getaways in Broken Bow, OK.  Being a bit futher south, the leaves were colorful and plentiful as we wound through the mountains.  We met with NuCanoe Dealer Joe Silk and his son, Isaac, and went to Beavers Bend Lake for a test paddle.  Both Joe & Isaac were impressed...particularly with the stability and the slide track.  (The only downside to our vist with them was that I got a few fire ant bites...leaving my foot itchy and swollen for a few days.)

The drive to Dallas took us over the ever-winding Red River as we crossed into Texas.  Monday evening we went to dinner with Deanna's family friend, Dwaina, and her husband Bob.  We ate some good Tex Mex and enjoyed the change of pace from dinner on our own.

Tuesday we drove across to Ft. Worth to meet with Robert at Texas Outdoors.  They've been a NuCanoe dealer since the start of the year and are looking forward to 2012.  Their store is located right off the biggest round-a-bout I've been through...a great high visibility location!  Robert was quite pleased to see the changes and features in the Frontier.  All he needs now is some rain to fill up the lakes and rivers to people can get back out on the water!

From there it was back to Dallas and to Mariner Sails.   They've been eyeing NuCanoe boats for a year or two, but had a few concerns.  Upon learning about the Frontier, Aris & Mike were happy to see they'd all been addressed.  After seeing their store and going through the details on the Frontier, we went out to White Rock Lake for a demo.  We had a nice crowd out to see and try the's always great to meet current and future NuCanoe owners!  Mike took the Frontier for a spin and came back raving about the improvements in initial stability and tracking.  The other folks were equally impressed with the Frontier.  A great way to spend a warmer than average Dallas afternoon!

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