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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bass Fishing with Ken Ziomek

Ken Ziomek lives in Aiken, SC.  He first found NuCanoe in the spring of 2010 when looking for a better fishing platform for a "guy his age."  He quickly fell in love with his NuCanoe and started customizing it for his needs.  He also started sharing his opinions and experiences with others who were interested in a NuCanoe.  He joined Team NuCanoe in spring 2011, and I've had the pleasure of fishing with him twice before.

Tuesday morning we met up with Ken to let him try out the Frontier 12.  We went to Magnolia Lake set up the two Frontier boats, and hit the water.  It only took 60 seconds for Ken to comment on the vastly improved stability and tracking of the Frontier.  And about 10 minutes for him to land his first bass.  Over the next couple hours, we fished, paddled, and chatted.  Ken caught the big fish of the day, Deanna caught a couple, and I had a few that didn't get away.  Good times!

Afterwards, I asked Ken what he liked and didn't like about the Frontier.  Here's what he said:

In regards to Ken's "things to improve":
  • The seat base is being redesigned to be stiffer
  • Frontier owners can install any type of mount in the Mount Docks
Ken mentioned he could stand and is proof!

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