Three months...thirty three states...100+ store visits. Follow the journey as the NuCanoe Frontier makes its way around the country.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mayhoods & Mishaps

Monday morning we are back on the road.  First stop:  Bay Creek Paddling Center.  Located just off Irondequoit Bay, Bay Creek has water access about 15 feet from their boat racks.  They offer lots of instruction, trips, and services to go with the boats.  Dave was happy to see the Frontier and thought it was a great boat.  And it just might be what he needs to appeal to the anglers accustomed to fishing out out bass boats.

While on the road to Norwich, NY, we had our first mishap of the trip.  Cruising down a 2 lane road in farm country, we blew a tire on the trailer.  Deanna pulled over right next to a farm.  As we got out to change the tire, the farmer and his son came out to see if everything was OK.  Turns out they had a tire shop in their barn!  We didn't need any tools, but we were happy to buy a new spare for only $5!

Mayhood's Sporting Goods in Norwich is located in the middle of a triangle encompassing Binghampton, Syracuse, and Albany.  And they are surrounded by great fishing, hunting, and watersports.  We had a great visit with Mike, Ron, & Mark.  They were impressed with the versatility and adaptability of the Frontier...and the NuCanoe as well.  I think they'll be plenty of anglers, waterfowlers, and outdoor enthusiasts visiting them next Spring and Summer to check out the Frontier.

From Norwich it is a one hour drive straight up Hwy 12 to Utica, NY, where we planned to stay the night.  It sure seemed like it'd be uneventful.  And it was, until a deer crossed the road just in front of us.  He made it across alright, but we never even saw the next deer. And it only got as far as the driver's side headlight.  A traumatic experience for sure!  We stopped, turned around, and went back to check on the deer.  Unfortunately, it did not survive, but it was not suffering.  Our 4Runner was banged up...the driver's door would only open about 1/3 of the way - just enough to squeeze out, the front quarter panel was dented, the driver's side lights were broken.  No problems driving, though.

Tuesday morning I went to a repair shop in Utica, Nimey's Auto Repair.  They were great!  In less than 30 minutes, the quarter panel as bent back into shape so the door would open, the headlights were taped up so they'd work until we could get them replaced, and our new tire was installed on the rim.  Good to go!

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