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Friday, October 21, 2011

Mahoney's Outfitters & Fall Colors

The drive from Hickory, NC to Johnson City, TN on Friday morning was beautiful as can be.  The fall colors were vibrant, the sky blue, and the crispness of fall was in the air.   I am more certain than ever tha October is about the ideal time for traveling, no matter where the destination.

Fortunately for us, our destination was Mahoney's Outfitters.  Founded in 1960, Mahoney's is still in the family, owned and operated by Dan Mahoney.  The boast a great selection of everything for the outdoors:  hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, paddling, apparel, and more.  And starting in the spring of 2012, Mahoney's will be the home for NuCanoe in eastern Tennessee.

Blake & Brandon from Mahoney's
We stopped in to visit Brandon, Jimmy, and Mike in June with the NuCanoe 12.  They were impressed and figured it be a great addition to the store.  Upon learning about Frontier, they were more excited than ever. We had quite the crowd gather around during our show & tell at the store.   They've seen the fishing side of paddlesports start to boom, and are confident next year will be a breakout year for kayak fishing....led by the Frontier 12!

Along with the Mahoney's staff, NuCanoe owners Mark Hutchison and Cecil Jones made the trek to meet up with the tour.  We enjoyed chatting with them and are pleased they are both excited about the Frontier.  Hopefully next time around we can join them on the water for some fishing!

Cecil & Paul drove 3 hours to see the Frontier!

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