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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buffalo & The Falls

On the road from Windber, PA to Western NY, we missed a turn.  No big deal, according to the map.  Just take a right, go about a mile, take another right, go another mile, and we'll be back on our highway.  Turns about the paved road ended in about 100 yards and a rough, rocky farm road was all that remained.  No complaints though as we drove through beautiful farm land surrounded by rolling hills.

Friday afternoon we visited Todd & Bill at Oak Orchard Canoe & Kayak in Westport, NY.  My first time visiting their shop I figured I was lost as I drove down back country roads.  Sure enough though, I came to Oak Orchard's wonderful location:  multiple sheds filled with boats, outdoor racks filled with boats, and a great paddling pond right in the middle of it all.  Certainly a great place to find the boat that fits you best!
Todd & Bill were quite impressed with the appearance & features of the Frontier.  Todd went to a test paddle, or test Stand-Up Paddle, and came back smiling!

From there we were off to the Buffalo / Niagara Falls area for the weekend.  Saturday afternoon we publicly introduced the Frontier via our Facebook page and our website.  It's a bit funny that after 10 months of work, all it took was a couple clicks and a little typing from our table at Pearl St Bar & Grill to share our developments with the world!

We then drove up to a little town just north of the Falls, Livingston, to meet our Ontario Sales Rep, Bruce Lisk, at the Lewiston Village Pub.  It really reminded me a an English or Irish pub with the hardwood floors, relaxed atmosphere, and long list of beers of tap!  Bruce loved seeing the Frontier in "real life" and is excited to share the news with retailers in Ontario.

The weather was cold and rainy most of the weekend, but the sun shone while we showed Bruce the Frontier.  We figured we better take advantage of it, so we went to see the Falls after wrapping up business with Bruce.  The Falls were really impressive...not just to see, but to experience the force and power of the water that continually pours over the Falls.  As we were on the way out, we were treated to a beautiful sunset over the Canadian side of the Falls.

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