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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fortunate Misfortune

Our first flat tire occurred directly across from a farm house tire shop. 

The deer incident happened outside Utica, NY...where wonderful repair shop was located near our hotel and came up first on Google.

On Thursday, the suspension bar on our trailer broke.  We discovered this around 2:40pm EST on the road to Sunbury, PA.  After hearing a scraping noise, we stopped on a narrow shoulder to inspect.  The trailer is manufactured by Trailex...which is located in Youngstown, OH - only about 4 hours drive from Harrisburg, where we'd be spending the night.  I called them, talked to Carl, and 5 minutes later he was packing up a new suspension bar.  Thirty minutes later and it would have been too late for UPS to pick up that day.  So Friday morning, the part arrived at our hotel.  Less than an hour later it was installed and we were on our way.

On Thursday afternoon, our second flat tire occurred right before an emergency stop area on I-76E.   Sure is nice to be a good 10 yards away from traffic when changing a tire!  (Now before you start thinking we are cursed, this one was really my fault as the spare tire we put on early in the week was actually an old tire, not a new one.)

So even when things have gone wrong, they've gone wrong in the best possible way!

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